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Designing your modular experience

World Container Design builds and designs beautiful, functional, and modular constructions out of shipping containers. Containers provide an alternative, efficient and creative solution for your dynamic space.

Modular, convenient, green.


Your custom concept, delivered when and where you desire.


Looking for a temporary solution, while your house is getting renovated? Throwing a party and in need of a pop-up location? Your search is over. We offer furnished containers, equipped for your purpose, and flexible in timing, size and functionality.  


Order our equipped, repurposed containers or empty ones for you to make your own. Delivered directly to your location of choice. We can assist with building, designing and creating a modular construction, tailored to your needs.


Our container solutions and designs are mobile and easily transported. You can move your pop-up container in no time, adding flexibility and mobility to your business.The modular possibilities also give you the flexibility for dynamic constructions.


An out-of-the-box home? A fast real estate solution; temporary or permanent? An office or a mobile gym? Containers adapt to your needs.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

We can’t CONTAIN our enthusiasm

At World Container Design we understand spaces, and the delight that comes with a beautiful, and flexible design.

We aim to build more than modular solutions. We create authentic spaces that you will love to share with the world. At WCD, we like a good challenge, and we love to turn your ideas into reality.

We don’t contain our enthusiasm, so don’t contain yours.

Creating fun, authentic spaces for work, living and entertainment.

Because we believe in convenient and creative spaces that enhance shared experiences






We know how to bring your experience alive through design and branding. You are in need of flexible, fast and affordable real estate solutions with customized functionalities to provide the best experience to your visitors? Our creative concept designers will take your requests to the next level.

Home Solutions

Home Solutions

For every inconvenient situation, we have a convenient solution. Containers are incredibly durable yet functional ‘boxes’. They are adaptable for change and maintenance, while able to withstand extreme weather conditions, transportation and storage.



You want your dream house, but you have no desire to invest in the expensive and lengthy process of a traditional construction project? Together, we build, design and decorate your living space on your terms and according to your taste.

Feel like joining us in the modular revolution? 

We’re looking for skilled welders, assemblers, technicians, woodworkers,… 

In short, are you a handyman, with an eye for detail?
Send us a message!


Dreaming of your own modular project, but don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us!

Whether you want us to work out your entire project from A to Z, or you’re just looking for advice, we can certainly help you.

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